The Hong Kong Ice & Cold Storage Co Ltd, HKICS, was established in 1896 and has been serving local community over 120 years. Combining with our production capacity & distribution coverage of four company-owned ice plants, the HKICS is prominent industrial ice supplier in Hong Kong, in addition, the company is the first licensed food factory licensed by the Food, Environmental & Hygiene Department to produce & to distribute edible ice for immediately consumption; adding together with our distribution capability operating by company-owned reefer trucks, our sales coverage and penetration is well covering Hong Kong. Apart from selling industrial & edible ices, we also distribute food grade dry ice to air catering and other end users. Our racking cold store and logistics team provide cold chain services to the premium foodstuff clients.

The company-owned industrial ice plants are located at Aberdeen, Yau Tong Bay, Castle Peak and Tai Po with total production and storage capacity of 1,600 metric ton per day and 2,200 metric ton respectively. The edible ice operation comprises of sanitary manufacturing facilities and distribution center at Yau Tong Bay Plant with production capacity of 200 metric ton per day and a sub-distribution center at Tai Po Plant. Direct sale of packaged edible ice is supported by 30 reefer trucks. Besides, the cold store located adjacent to Aberdeen ice plant is equipped with storage capacity of 9,500 ton or 8,100 pallets space; serving jointly with our reefer trucks to provide cold chain services to the premium frozen food clients.

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