The Pacifica Garden
 Background Information 

The Pacifica Garden is located at Lotes TN25b and TN26d near Estrada Coronel, Nicolau de Mesquita, Taipa, Macau. The 2 blocks provide 35,900 sq. m. GFA .

Located in Taipa central, THE PACIFICA GARDEN lies where the four main roads of Macau-Taipa Bridge, Friendship Bridge, Sai Van Bridge and Taipa-Coloane Causeway. The convenience of being a 5-minute drive from the Macau Ferry Terminal, Gongbei Border and Macau International Airport is an advantage unique to THE PACIFICA GARDEN’s strategic location.

The Pacifica Garden is surrounded by exuberance. It’s next to the Taipa Grande Nature Park and Parque Urbano lec Long. The ‘Golden Strip’ behind it offers world-class casino entertainment as well as posh hotel accommodation. In the same vicinity is the stadium and central plaza built for the 2005 East Asian Games. Other facilities include the University of Macau, a golf course, the Macau Jockey Club and museums, all of which add that extra spark to life.

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Project Information

Floor Plan